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are here.

Dive deep into an artist's streaming numbers and determine their authenticity with a single report. Now you can collaborate confidently. Ensure you're working with artists whose streams are genuine, preserving your own Spotify algorithms.

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Unlock the real story

behind the streams.

With our RapCap Report, gain unparalleled insight into Toronto's music scene. Differentiate authentic streams from the fabricated, ensuring you collaborate with genuine talent. Ready to make informed decisions?

Unmasking the Illusion of Popularity.

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Behind the scenes, we meticulously analyze every artist's singles, albums, listeners and followers. Our mission? To cut through the illusion and expose streaming discrepancies. In a landscape where fans are often misled by manufactured popularity, RapCap delivers the genuine narrative.


Real or Fake?

See beyond the hype.

Not all streams are what they appear to be. Within Toronto's dynamic music scene, many artists resort to deceptive tactics, artificially inflating their numbers. Don't be misled by fraudulent streams. Use our RapCap Report to discern the genuine from the counterfeit.

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In depth authenticity review.

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Trusted by industry leaders, RapCap stands at the forefront of streaming analytics. Utilizing advanced machine learning and our proprietary algorithms, we provide a deep dive into streaming data. Our platform is meticulously designed to pinpoint unusual streaming patterns, delivering insights that are both detailed and reliable. Stay ahead of the curve and remain informed with our smart, state-of-the-art analytics.

Abnormal streaming detection.

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It's all in the details.

Monthly Listener Trends

Our precise analytics shed light on an artist's monthly listeners, revealing authentic growth versus artificial spikes. Trust in our insights to discern genuine engagement.

Monthly Listener Trends

Follower Trends

“Understand genuine fanbase growth and distinguish it from sudden, unexplained surges and plunges. With our data, you get a clear picture of true followership momentum.

Follower Trends

Charts you can trust.

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Experience the most precise music charts exclusively tailored for Toronto artists. By monitoring both Global and Toronto/GTA listeners, our charts are meticulously curated using our advanced technology, filtering through the noise to showcase the genuine standouts and rising talents in the city. For an authentic snapshot of Toronto's musical landscape, RapCap's charts are the industry gold standard.


Beyond the clout.

Real Streams.

In a landscape where many female artists in Toronto are tempted by artificial streams, RapCap's Top 25 Female chart stands distinct. We rigorously filter out the noise to champion genuine talent, celebrating the authentic female voices that truly shape Toronto's music scene. Discover the real sound of the city with us.

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Authentic charting

that can't be bought.

Our Top 25 Male Artists chart cuts through the noise, showcasing the genuine leaders in Toronto's music landscape. Backed by accurate streaming data, these charts highlight the kings who truly influence and shape the city's music scene. With RapCap, you get the real deal, not the hype.

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Authenticity Badge

Artists boasting a RapCap Authenticity Score of 100 proudly display our Authenticity Badge. This badge signifies true musical integrity, making them ideal collaboration partners. Ensure your potential collaborators are genuine with a quick check on RapCap. Why compromise your chances at prime playlist placements? Safeguard your algorithms from the repercussions of fake streams. Check your score today with a RapCap report.